ALL is a concept which is fundamental to SET FREE. It is the basic tool which sets the foundations for how we help people. It is a concept designed to equip anyone, however inexperienced, with the confidence and guidance to be able to start helping those around them. It is a basic encouragement which pushes people to form deeper relationships with those around them. This is because, whilst every mental health battle is different, all solutions will have a strong relational element to them. We have never in history been more connected to one another, but the quality of these connections has never been shallower. We need to re-learn what true relationships are and regain the depth that is so badly needed for FREEDOM to occur. The three components to ALL are more deeply set out, but briefly, it consists of three main sections –

  • ASK - In many cases of mental health struggles, people never speak about them, keeping them private until they either get unbearable or far worse. So, we need to have the confidence to ask people questions about their mental health problems before it gets to that point. Whilst making sure we are asking them in an enviroment where they feel comfortable with being open.

  • LISTEN - What often holds people back from talking about mental health, especially to someone they know is struggling, is the fact they feel like they don’t have all the answers. We can’t stress this point enough, you do not need to know the answers! To begin with, all you need to be able to do is listen, this gives people the time and space to speak freely about what they are going through. This is where environment also becomes key; asking people about mental health is no good if they are in an environment they don’t feel comfortable. So before asking and listening, just think about if this is the time and place where they are going to feel comfortable enough to open up about their struggles.

  • LIVE - Last but not least, LIVE is simply about coming alongside people. Living closer together, developing trust and openness will lay the foundations to be able to bring lasting change. This is the level in which you can explore the answers to people’s problems together but from a starting point of deeper connection and understanding.

What about if you are the person struggling yourself? Well, ALL works for you as well. We can guarantee that there will be people around you that are also struggling with different issues, so start by focusing on them. Develop the kind of deep relationship that allows you to help them out. This does two things. First, it gives you reference points for perspective, allowing you to better understand your own personal circumstances, which can be so vital in your own personal growth. And secondly, it creates a trusting relationship, one in which you will hopefully have the confidence to discuss the issues that affect you.