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Enactus is a worldwide organisation that is believes investing in students that take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all. This is the core vision of Enactus; to use the power of social entrepreneurship to help tackle the pressing social issues we all face day to day. These are centred around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Enactus students are among the most dedicated, hard-working, and socially minded in the world.

Enactus UK is a part of Enactus worldwide. Enactus UK is made up of 52 member teams from university across the country. One such team is Enactus Loughborough.

Enactus Loughborough joined JCADE to help launch and grow the company. Injecting social enterprise expertise, time and energy, aiming to take advantage of the huge support network at the University and in the local area in terms of sport and social enterprise. The future is bright for JCADE. Join us in our mission to set each other free and tackle mental health in and through sport.