Trusting Your Own Path

There is always more than one way to do things in life, the key to success and happiness is finding the most effective method of approach for you.

Nolan Ryan was a record breaking baseball player. His success stemmed from a unique attitude towards training. He decided to experiment using weight training, a technique completely unheard of for baseball players, who were expected to focus on their cardiovascular fitness.

He had incredible consistency and was relentless in his training, despite not taking the conventional approach. In addition, he liked to watch and analyse his opponents to find their weaknesses and use them to his own advantage. His training was specifically tailored to him, giving him the confidence that he was fully prepared when he stepped out for a match.

Ryan’s commitment to his unusual training paid off, as he set major-league records for number of strikeouts.

Ryan said, “You can’t have a successful career without a positive attitude”. There’s no point following orthodox methods if they don’t work for you and you can’t fully commit to them. Ryan’s story proves that belief and consistency can lead to success in sport but this can be applied to many things in life. We’re all individuals so the way we go about things should also be individual! Don’t be afraid to break the mould. Find your own methods and trust them.


Anna Doughty

Team JCADEComment